Here is my finished January list of thanksgivings, and the beginning of February's.
19. making it home safely from a doctor's apt. The snow storm set in around rush hour. It took over an hour on what should have only taken about 10 minutes.
20. A fourth snow day to myself, more time of rest.
21. Brett agreeing to go to the grocery store with me on a Friday night, so I wouldn't have to go on a busy Saturday morning. It is getting quite hard to move a full cart with my growing belly!
22. Sitting in the comfy glider in the nursery reading and grading papers this afternoon.
23. Monthly fellowship lunch at church. It is so nice to continue to build new relationships and get to know others better in our church family.
24. Brett sitting up with me late in the evening at the stomach flu kicked in.
25. Brett and my mom rearranging their whole day so someone could be with me, so I wouldn't have to be alone as I recovered from the stomach flu.
26. Still home sick, but recovering, I finally finished The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace. I have been trying to read this book for several years now, but made the commitment and restarted reading on January 1st and finished today!
27. Fellowship and a refreshing scalp and neck massage, plus a little pampering at my hair cut appointment after work this afternoon.
28. The safe arrival of a good friend, Annie, to visit for the weekend.
29. Blessed by family and friends at my baby shower today.
30. Enjoying a day of rest and relaxation, as I think about how blessed and loved my son already is by all of the "stuff" he now has overflowing from the nursery!
31. A very productive day at work as I am trying to prepare plans for my long term sub.
1. The Snow Blizzard of 2011 begins. Brett made it safely to work, and they closed the bank early so he could get home.
2. A sixth snow day at home allowing me more time to be productive and to get projects around the house completed before the arrival of my little one.
I am feeling very blessed these days as I focus on all the good things in life that God has blessed me with.

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