Paleo Update and February Snow

Well the end of my February Paleo food challenge has come and gone and I thought I should wrap up what I started. I have learned a lot about myself through this challenge, including...

  • I do have a dairy and glutten intolerance (self diagnosed)
  • I love my sweet and salty snacks (M&Ms and popcorn will never be permanently removed from my diet!)
  • I think about food WAY too much
  • I do strive to eat a balanced whole foods diet
I will continue to exclude diary and glutten from my diet as I try to naturally heal my digestive system. I'm not a complete Paleo fan, there are some components to the diet that I do think are healthy and everyone would benefit from (we as Americans eat way to much processed foods than we should), with that being said there are some really hard parts of the Paleo eating plan. Not eating grains is really hard, and while some are genetically modified and not healthy, I think a balanced diet should have some grains.

Also in my research some Paleo advocates even go as far as saying we shouldn't even be eating fruit! That is crazy to me. Yes fruits do contain a lot of NATURAL sugars, and if you set around all day and eat nothing but fruits that can really mess up your blood sugars. But fruits are natural, they come from nature, God designed them to be sweet and delicious. We SHOULD be eating a balanced diet with fruits.

In other news after last year's snow less winter, we had two massive blizzards within a few days of each other in February. I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoyed being snowed in for a few days with my little loves, but was definitely glad to get out of the house (Silas was to for that matter!)

We got about 18" total of snow, this is a view from our back deck.

Silas LOVED to play in the snow, but getting him dressed in his snow pants, boots, coat, mittens, and hat took a lot of work.

There was so much snow, he got stuck in it!

Of course we had to make snow ice cream!

Silas loved the snow ice cream

Can you believe Amelia is 6 months old now!
Why wear his snow boots when he can wear Nana's!

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