It's Mother's Day

I am thinking about today and why we celebrate Mother's Day. I am very grateful to my mother for the love she has given to me.

This is a picture of me and my mommy

My mother is not the only influential person in my life. I was lucky to have two loving grandmothers in my life, "Grandma" Marilynn Martinson and "Granny" Jeanette Dattilo. Granny lived here in town, so naturally I got to spend a lot of time with her, and still get the pleasure to do so.

This is a picture of Granny and me.

When I married Brett, I gained a Mother-in-Law, Sherry Osborn. It is a different kind of relationship, one that is still growing and takes time. She is also a very loving and naturing person. It is never a dull moment when Sherry is around :)

This is a picture of Sherry with my mom.

I have a lot of other very special Mother's in my life: family, friends, co-workers and church family members. While I am not a mother yet, I am a ...

Doggy Mommy!
(that is Rocco and me)
Happy Mother's Day!!!!

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