Time to Say Goodbye and Move On...

I've wanted to let you know that I have been working on a new project. Creative Home Keeper has been the result of a lot of prayer, discussion, and thought. It stems from a dream and a vision I have of creating an at home business to help earn an income while still remaining at home with the kids.

I have some future plans and goals of how I want to grow this into to a small business, but I'm not ready to share that yet. In the meantime, you can find me Creative Home Keeper. I have also set up facebook page and a twitter page. Please take some time to visit and and if you like what you see may I ask a favor? You can like my facebook page, follow my twitter, or subscribe to my blog.

Thanks so much for sharing life with me here at Good Gifts, and I look forward to you joining the conversation at Creative Home Keeper.

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