continued thanksgiving

on my way to listing out something that I am thankful for each day this year.

3. funny sayings my students say. Today was the first day back and I overheard one student say, "Dang I can't believe Mrs. Osborn still has that baby in her belly!"
4. my house- my dad's house burnt down today. Thankfully he is okay, but he and his wife lost everything.
5. getting to hear my son's heartbeat, it never gets old
6. my drive to and from school. It is a nice time to just sit and listen to music as I prepare for what is ahead or unwind from my day.
7. lazy evenings resting on couch with a hot pad on my achy back
8. Today Brett and I walked through the remains of my father's house and it once again showed me how blessed I am to have a home full of nice things, many of which I probably don't need.
9. having an afternoon to read while Brett naps.
10. SNOW DAYS!!!!!!
11. enjoying a second snow day and enjoying this time of rest and cuddling with my sweet dog Rocco
12. realizing how lucky I am to have three snows in a row to myself because in a little over a month, my days will no longer be mine for rest and relaxation.
13. my Martin City school family, they threw me a wonderful baby shower today after school.
14. feeling my son kick and move around in the womb, a constant remainder of how blessed I am to have a healthy pregnancy and a growing baby.
15. enjoying the fellowship of the candle light brunch at church this morning as we kicked off the woman's ministry at church.
16. The Sabbath, a day of rest.
17. being reminded that the Lord gives and takes away, but blessed be HIS name!
18. in-service day at school today. It was nice to actually have time to go out for lunch and visit with my co-teachers outside of the school setting.

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