Creating Weekly and Daily Goals

As I have been adjusting into my new role as a Stay-At-Home Mom, I have been really struggling with creating a schedule and a routine that my 8 month old son and I could stick to on a daily basis. I like structure, I like routines, but wouldn't you know that Silas likes to just go with the flow? Try as I might to create any sort of routine, Silas has other plans. So the frustration and the sense of failure was beginning to creep in.

Instead of focusing on a set schedule and routine, I been thinking about goals~ things I would like to accomplish. So I sat down and thought through all the chores that I do to keep the house clean. I made a list of what I do daily, and what I do weekly. The weekly chores I assigned a day, and I would plan them according to when my mom or mother-in-law was coming over. It is a lot easier to clean the bathroom if I know that Silas is being entertained elsewhere.

Next I started to think about about exercise, personal, devotional and reading goals that I wanted to create. So I wrote those out as well. I typed up my list and it is now posted on my refrigerator as a reminder of all the things that I would like to get down, and really make a priority.

As well as having set weekly goals, I also wanted to create an easy "Week At A Glance" that I could post on the refrigerator as well. So I created another document with a weekly calendar, dinner plans, and specific To-Dos. Both now hang in the kitchen where I see them on a constant basis. My days are still crazy and unpredictable, and to be honest I have yet to have a day where I do everything I plan to do, but just having a plan, having goals, and having a visual reminder have really helped me to feel productive. At the end of the week when I see how much I have crossed off my list I realize just how much I have actually accomplished.

This week's goals are...


  1. Have a daily Bible study and prayer time

  2. Read a Bible story and pray with Silas

  3. Nightly prayer and Bible reading with Brett

Exercise- still trying to lose that last (pesky) 10 pounds of pregnancy weight that has permanently taken up residence in my mid-section.

  1. Daily walk with Silas

  2. Work out at the gym Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday afternoon

  3. Work out at home Monday, Wednesday, and Friday


  1. Read assigned chapter from A Confident Heart for ladies book study

  2. Finish The Mission of Motherhood

  3. Finish Organized Simplicity

  4. Read aloud daily to Silas


  1. Clean out and organize closet- still need to pack up maternity clothes

  2. Bake chocolate chip cookies

  3. Try 2 new recipes for dinner

So these are my goals for this week, we will see what I actually am able to accomplish.

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