It Finally Came!

There is nothing like opening your front door to a long awaited package. Yesterday was like Christmas for the Osborn household, at least for me anyway. I had been waiting and waiting and my package with my Life Planner from erin condren finally came!

Let me give you some background information:

First, I love all things office and school supplies, binders, and new planners. I loved back to school time because I could justify buying new notebooks, and my favorite pens and markers. This is probably one of the reasons why I loved being a teacher so much- fresh, new supplies. And there is nothing that I love more than getting a new planner. I'm a paper-planner girl. I know some people love to stay organized with e-calendars on their phones or gadgets, but apart from my Kindle I am not a gadget girl. I love to write things down, and then cross them off. I have been told that I can check things off too on an e-calendar, but to me it's not the same. Every year I spend a great deal of time perusing the office supply store looking for the perfect calendar planner for the year. Call me a nerd, but I can spend hours in an office supply store and a book store. (While I love my Kindle, I will also be a forever book lover!) There is something so wonderful about being able to physically hold something.

I had a calendar for this year, but to be honest I have been so unorganized due to the first trimester pregnancy symptoms. This past spring once I started to feel better, I knew I had to get my act together with a second kid coming. I used to be so organized. My classroom had labels for everything, yet lately my house had become a disorganized, clutter-filled pit. So through Pinterest and a few blogs that I follow regularly, I began looking for ways to get my house and life back together. And then I stumbled upon Erin Condren's website by the way of another blogger proclaiming great love for something called a Life Planner. I checked it out and I was also in love! I even told Brett about it and showed him the website, as if he would even be remotely interested but he appeased me as I went on and on about how great this planner looked.

Since it was only April, and the 2012-2013 calendars wouldn't be available to order until June, I had to wait. I'm not going to lie, there were many days when I would check on the website to see if the planners were available yet. I was making myself crazy, and I kept talking to Brett about it. Then my husband, in all of his wonderful wisdom, pointed out that I might be coveting a physical object and I should probably get my heart in check. Ouch, but convicting. He also told me that if I really wanted one, I should be saving up my discretionary spending money. So I began praying (to help focus my mind and heart on eternal things), and saving  my money. When the planners did go on sale, I had enough money saved up (honestly the planners are not exactly cheap and I did feel a little foolish spending my money on something that would only last 18 months, but I don't spend my money on a lot of other things, and I had saved my money so I could purchase this.) So I ordered it, and the waiting began.

 Waiting, and waiting, it seemed to take forever, they personalize their planners, laminate the covers and are assembled my hand so even though it was a long wait, I knew I was getting a quality product.

So the planner finally came yesterday, and I absolutly love it. I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. So much anticipation, and it was totally worth it. Here are a few pictures of my new Life Planner:

Here is the package with the planner, samples, a coupon off my next order, and colorful ball point pens.

Laminated personalized cover, and laminated montly tabs.

Month-at-a-glance page, which also include side notes for goals and to-do lists. Also in the back of the planner there are lots of colorful stickers to highligh special events!

Week-at-a-glance pages which are divided into morning, afternoon, and evening sections for better record keeping.

Thanks for putting up with my crazy rambling about love for a planner, but I wanted to share my enthusuasim and pass this on in case anyone else is as crazy as I am!

Laura  – (July 12, 2012 at 6:29 PM)  

Your planner looks great and will be so helpful I'm sure! I took a Seminary Wives class here this spring called "Redeeming the Time" which covered all sorts of things. One of our real assignments was to develop a planner of our own including specific topics the teacher (Dr. Mohler's wife) suggested and found helpful in her PAPER planner :) I too like a paper planner and have found it very very helpful. In fact I'm hoping to have a planning morning out sometime soon so that I can think through some current goals, etc. and work towards them! Enjoy it,

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