Extreme Couponing version #1

Okay I have a little confession to make, yesterday I went to the same store twice to maximize my savings on a limited item purchase. My grocery store has my favorite brand of organic pasta sauce on sale for $0.99/limit 2. They also had pasta on sale for $0.79/limit two. Along with pasta and sauce they also had my husband's favorite cereal Wheaties on sale 2 for $5/limit 4. Now when Wheaties goes on sale I like to stock up because it is normally pretty expensive, my store regularly sales it for almost $5 a box! So 2 for $5 is getting one for free, plus I had 3 $1 off 2 General Mills cereal coupons and 2 $0.75 off Wheaties coupons that I had clipped a week earlier from the Sunday paper.

I felt a little guilty about making two grocery purchases at the same store, but after my first transaction I took my load to the car and went back in a made my second purchase. I ended up with 4 jars of sauce, 4 bags of pasta and 8 boxes of Wheaties. So yes 8 boxes of cereal is a little ridiculous, but seeing how I bought 8 for the same price as 4 normally priced boxes, I think I scores a good deal.

My "extreme couponing" day didn't end there. I also made a trip to Target because I recently learned that you can stack Target coupons with manufactures coupons. So I planned my shopping trip every carefully and did the math before I headed to the store. I was able to get everything I needed and because of the coupons I saved about 60% off my entire total!

Between my two shopping trips I was able to get all of this for about $60:

So yes while I did save a lot of money, I carefully planned my shopping trips. My philosophy of clipping coupons and shopping is to only buy what I need and stock up on items when it is a really good deal. I do not have a ridiculous stock pile like the TLC show Extreme Couponing portrays. Most of the time coupons are for processed, junk food, which is food that I tend to stay away from. (Yes I did buy four boxes of Oreos, but 2 of them where free, and one was 1/2 off. And Oreos are the one snack that Brett and I view as a little delicacy!)

For me it is not practical to make a stock up grocery trip like this very often. But when I can stock up and save money at the same time, I will.

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